About Us

My name is Yannis and I ‘m from the sunny island of Crete, Greece. I hold a BA in Mediteranean Studies (Archaeology, Linguistics, International Relations) and an MA in History.

I am the person in charge for our main service Mobile 3D Reconstruction of Knossos from its first beginning on 2015. Since then, while delivering our service to thousands of people, I have closely cooperated with lots of professional guides and travel agents.

I established this website because the visitors of the Knossos Palace were asking about our service as they were looking other visitors to use our iPads. They were asking for our innovative initiative and they requested to book our product for themselves!


So, I am here to help YOU, the future visitors of the Archaeological Site of Knossos

  • By delivering your iPads
  • Provide information & advice about Knossos (working hours, tickets, etc.)
  • Help you to find the best professional guide according to your preferences and mother language
  • Pre-buy your tickets without to waste time waiting in a line

About Company

Mobile Optical Illusions is the market leader in the Archaeological Real Time Reconstructions for mobile devices. Its scope is to develop its own virtual and Augmented Reality 3D products for Tourism and Education.

You can find more information by clicking the logo.